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Munira Suleiman Tanimu

Munira Suleiman Tanimu is the first daughter among her parent’s 16 children. The pretty Munira hails from Kaduna State and is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and politician.

Owing to her father’s political status, she grew up getting a thorough and sound political orientation. As the first daughter, she assumed her mother’s role whenever the latter was away from home – a role she enjoyed playing. Munira was highly efficient in playing the ‘mother’ role that she became her father’s favourite and he began to trust her with the running of the home. Hence, she learned a lot about taking responsibility.

Hon. Munira had her primary and early secondary education at Essence International School, Kaduna, whereas she sat for her Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) at Government College, Kaduna. As against the cultural ethics and religious beliefs of the northern community – one of which is that a lady’s hand should be given in marriage after her second menstrual cycle, Munira took up the form to study Sociology at the University of Abuja. She proceeded to Harvard University, after her first degree, to study Leadership Communication, and then to Lagos Business School (LBS) to bag a certificate in Business Management.


Picking on her political background, Hon. Munira Taminu ventured into politics in 2015 and of the four aspirants who vied for the Kaduna State House of Assembly seat at the primaries, she was the only female. However, she came in second.

According to a source, Munira has declared that her motive for going into politics is to be able to positively influence the political world and change the way politics is run both at the state and national level.

Although she lost the primaries in 2015, Hon. Munira has declared her intention to contest come 2019.


At the age of 18, Munira’s father gave her some money to start her own business. This he did with all of her siblings as well. She ventured into various businesses ranging from interior decoration to catering services, and fashion outfit, failing at some and making it through others.

Notwithstanding her many failures, Munira did not give up. Today, she if the CEO of Green Garden Farm, a poultry farm in Kano housing over 5,000 chickens. She also runs a town service transport service – ‘MSTS Ventures’, and an event centre.


The kind-hearted Hon. Munira has not withheld good from those who are in need of it. She picked the charitable act when she was ten.

Munira currently runs a non-governmental Organization (Green Heart Impact Foundation) registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission on June 19, 2014. GHIF promotes and implements sustainable programmes that seek to solve specific social problems in Nigerian societies through education, nutrition, skill acquisition, and empowerment.

The organization gives charity to the needy by providing food, clothing, healthcare, emergency relief materials, school materials, scholarships and business grants to empower the less privileged. It also focuses on the rehabilitation of girls and also taking girls off the street and sending them back to school, providing them with the necessary materials – books, bags, boxes of wears, mattresses and pillows, etc.

In the few years of its establishment, over 50 girls have been taken off the streets and sent back to school while their mothers have been empowered in various entrepreneurial fields.

The dominant hash tags used by the NGO are#BooksOverTrays #NoToGirlChildHawking.

GHIF is funded with 10% of the profit from all businesses owned by Munira.

References: Pleasure Magazine, Greenheart Impact Foundation



Deficiencies in conceptualization, Flaws in formulation and Injustices in application.


Muhammad Muawiya Alkali

Writes from MAUTECH, Yola
Twitter: @mm_alkali

22nd October, 2018

Over the past two weeks, in two of my articles entitled “Refuting Feminism on Classical Grounds” and “Feminists: Why impose qualifications for marriage based on age?” I have argued that the contemporary feminism; far from being a war on liberty is nothing but a misguided ideology and a misleading movement – right from the conception of the idea down to its application. As I draw together the themes of my arguments in this article, I would be issuing challenges to the feminist movements to make radical alterations in their approach and attitudes and also temper their optimism for gender equality with considerable degree of caution by putting into consideration other people’s right as feminism today is taken to extreme level.
We would learn a lot more about the real underlying principle of feminism by referring back to history. After the abolishment of slavery, the labour provided by slaves (both males and females) needs to be done by the slave owners themselves or by hired labourers which is cost implicative, all the free non-consensual sex they had with the female slaves ended; therefore there is need to figure a way of coercing women to willingly work so as to add to the work force and deluded them that selling out nudity is fashion through creation of entertainment industries. Similarly, shortly after the First World War, the shortage of male labour provided the advances in compelling women to work and mingle with men in farms, industries and offices. They always cry out loud that women are not empowered hence, they advocate women empowerment so that the woman can take control over when, whether and how many children she’s going to have, but is that true? Is the economic status and self-satisfaction of a woman’s basic needs their actual motive behind the campaign? Or they get them out and about working so as not to fulfil their responsibilities of providing for them. I am not outwardly rejecting women empowerment in its totality, but I am however of the ideology that women should work only in extreme circumstances when there is no one else to provide for them not because they are weak but because they are special, valuable and they deserved to be provided for. As a daughter, it should be the responsibility of her father to provide her with all her needs, as a wife it should be the responsibility of her husband and that of her children as a mother. Islam deemed it mandatory for a woman to go out and work in extreme circumstances so as to fend for herself than to go around begging as some people can take advantage of that and exploit her condition into luring her to commit adultery or fornication.
It is striking that women are used as mere tools in order to achieve certain goals in recent times. Think for a moment why they exploit the woman’s body to promote commodities even if it is a kind of detergent, fruits, cigarettes or electronics in order to coerce people to buy such products, they use the voice of women in electronic devices for giving instructions, they use women in stripper clubs, cheerleading in sports events, often use women as waitresses, hostesses etc. The reason can only be understood clearly when we look at phenomena like the use of regulatory techniques employed by social animals.
In insects, many of the disciplined social activities are believed to be regulated by substances such as trail factors and alarm substances which always act as sex attractants. It is easy to get the colony in order by the use of such substances, so the queen applied these techniques to get the soldiers protect the colony, the workers to provide and serve the colony, the nurses to take care of the young while she enjoy her throne, produce eggs and get fertilized by the male insects which in most cases die immediately after the intercourse as in the case of male praying mantis. An analogy of this can be seen in humans today where people are controlled and brainwashed using women as sex attractants; they compelled women to roam about naked. In fact these people use the woman’s body to achieve their caprices, please their sex appeal and satisfy their sexual gratifications. Those women who work in such fields are mere agents and they are not as responsible as those that put them in such roles because they are enforced to work in these fields out of want, temptation or misguidance.
One would wonder why feminists always campaign against the role of women in marriage, institution of family, child bearing and bringing up the children; some went extra miles to formulate birth control pills, abortion pills and recently pregnancy vaccines are currently being tested as some of the contraceptives proved ineffective in controlling birth, well, here is the explanation. It is an analogy of the use of pheromones by the queen bee to control birth in other members of her colony. The queen bee has absolute control of her colony, she gets all the advantages other members don’t usually get, and they serve and protect her. In return she laid eggs that would be hatched to increase population of the colony. So, these benefits would only be offered to the queen bee because of her unique function – producing eggs. If other members of the colony would also produce eggs, they would be treated in similar manner as the queen, which will eventually end her monopoly in the control and leadership of the colony. In order not to lose that, the queen bee secretes a class of hormone called pheromone which acts on other members of the colony. The pheromone, 9-ketodecanoic acid secreted by the mandibular glands of the queen inhibits the development of ovaries in worker bees and also restricts them from constructing royal cells for the rearing of new queens.
Furthermore, feminists publish the statistics of girls married under 18 years and those that have no access to family planning or contraceptives; but they never bothered to share how many of such girls under 18 years that are engaged in premarital sexual intercourse – be it consensual or otherwise in schools, playgrounds, at parties, after movies etc. If there is freedom of consensual sex below 18, there should be freedom of consensual marriage below 18. They never bother to mention how many of those minor girls get pregnant as a result of such intercourse and how many died in the process of aborting such unwanted extra-marital pregnancies. They never care to share how many died as a result of the side effects of those abortion pills, family planning drugs and contraceptives.
They speak loosely of pregnancy and child birth as the cause of death of teenage girls and babies born to these teenage girls, they don’t have in mind the notion of multiple causes of death. The actual cause of death may be quite specific but if it had not been this particular cause today, it would have been something else tomorrow. They always cite examples with the likes of India, Nigeria and other developing nations as having most cases of child mortality at birth as a result of teenage girls aged 15 – 19 having babies; perhaps there is a paradox because they yet keep announcing that the population of such countries is on the increase and even project statistics of overpopulation in years to come.
These feminists always cry out loud that women are discriminated sexually, that they are not afforded marital consent or sexual consent when they are married off at young ages because of religious constraints; but such people failed to realise that in Islam for example, it is mandatory to seek the consent of a girl before giving her hands out in marriage and her approval is needed before establishment of the marriage.
In conclusion, there is no reason at all as to why one should single out a specific gender and form a right activists group claiming to fight for their freedom or to enshrine equality, because in doing so, it is a direct indictment on the other gender. Every woman at a certain point in time is a daughter, sister, wife or mother to another man, if this fact is established; I don’t think any well-meaning reasonable man would oppress or infringe the right of a woman he is having such relationship with. Therefore, the feminism which demonizes men, which has imbibed a culture of entitlement, the feminism which want equality not equity of privileges and the feminism which does not want equity of reciprocal and complementary responsibilities rather prefer equality of responsibilities, is to be discouraged by women themselves as in the long run, it will do more harm than good to the feminine gender.



This is Matan Arewa, a forum where we aim at showcasing talented and upcoming young Arewa role models to the world.
Am Aysha Chuchu and our guest for today is Murjanatu Umar Muhammad Maiyamma a mother, teacher, a creative writer (novel, poem,and drama).

MAF: Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

MUM: My name is Murjanatu Umar Muhammad Maiyamma .I am a graduate ,a mother, a teacher, a creative writer and also an entrepreneur. I live in Kaduna and hail from Birnin Kebbi .I have three children .My hobbies are writing and reading story,I also teach women how to do some small home product(coconut oil,humra,turaren wuta, kulachan, spices, curry, kurkum, dusting powder, shampoo, Vaseline, liquid soap,snacks, I also do fried rice for occasions and samosa,I want to start business In sha Allah and at last I am an oriflamer. I deal with gyaran jiki also.

MAF: How and when did you start writing?

MUM: I start writing since when I was in J.S.S 3 (2003)

MAF: When did you decide to become a writer?

MUM: I decided to become a writer when I took a course creative writing during degree program.

MAF: What have you written? (Books, Novels, Short stories, Poems, Quotes)
MUM: _I have written a Novel ,short story and poems so far.

MAF: What genre are your writings?
MUM: I write poetry ,prose and drama

MAF: What dress you to this genre?
MUM: What dress me to these genres is that I want to be part of all genres

MAF: Why do you write?
MUM: I write to educate and entertain

MAF: Is being a writer a gift or a curse?
MUM: To be a writer is a gift because is not all people that have this talent.

MAF: Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
MUM: No,because I started reading stories from primary readers since when I am in Nursery two but I can recalled I learnt so many lesson from them which made me behave as mature person

MAF: Which writers inspired you?
MUM: Among the writers that inspired me are
_chenue Achebe
_zaynab Alkali
_wole Soyinka
_cyprice Ekwensi
_Alhaji Abubakar imam
_Asmau lamido

MAF: Who motivated you to become a writer?
MUM:It’s Malam Audi T Giwa and Asmau sada.

MAF: What’s the name of the first story you ever wrote?
MUM: My first story was in Hausa “sannu bata hana zuwa” and I translate to to English “Always a silver lining”.

MAF: How do you come up with the idea?
MUM: Idea just come after I watch a Hausa film around 2000,When I was alone I just start creating my own story from the male character Muhammad which I turn to Ahamed,but what will surprise people that time normally smile to myself, people start worrying what is wrong with me and my mum assumed that I am thinking of marriage,for long I don’t write on paper neither a book until later on I realise is better to write on book.

MAF: When you develop characters do you already know who they are before you begin writing or do you let them develop as you go?
MUM: I do let them develop as I go because along the way new characters emerged.

MAF: Tell us about your writing process and the way you brainstorm story ideas.
MUM: The only thing I do is to read,travel and mingle with people and that how my story begins

MAF: Do you write everyday,every two days, five days or as and when?
MUM: hhhh! If you see me write in two days definitely is for competition but honestly I take time in term of writing especially novel for Example a Novel I call Arabian men,it a year that I start it but is not up to two page,my sister even nagged and complain that I have a good story but I refused to complete. But for poem it take me one day for me to write 1,2_3 poem.

MAF: What are the challenges you’ve faced as a writer?
MUM: The big challenge I am facing is the financial issue to publish my works,then the society and the way they treat me ,I always want to be alone just because of creativity but sees me as mad and worrisome woman.

MAF: Do you target a mark of words /pages per day or week?
MUM: No ,I have never done that because when the ideas come ,it come like a drop of water.

MAF: Where do your stories ideas come from?
MUM: From books that I feel the writer didn’t complete, society and nature (picture)

MAF: What’s the hardest thing about writing?
MUM: The hardest thing in term of writing is Editing.
MAF: What’s the easiest thing about writing?
MUM: The easiest thing about writing is writing poem.

MAF: On an average, how long does it take you to write a book?
MUM: Writing a book take me a year

MAF: Do you ever get writer’s block?

MAF: Any tips on how to get through the dreaded writer’s block?

MAF: What is your writing style?
MUM: My style is simple, I use image,the plot is in chronological order and the character and setting look like in real life sometime

MAF: Do you write with Pen, phone or computer?
MUM: I write on book before I transfer to phone and computer.

MAF: Do you write Alone or in public?
MUM: I do write alone.

MAF: What tactics do you have when writing? (For example: outline or just write)
MUM: Before I use to write only but now before I write I must have my outline.

MAF: What are your book(s) about?
MUM: My books normally are base on problem and solutions(the problem in the society while some are pure fiction)

MAF: If you could spend time a character from your book whom would it be? And what would you do during that day?
MUM:Safari(It was just a dream),I will be happy because l love coloured bird

MAF: What is the toughest criticism given to you as an author?
MUM: The toughest criticism given to me was when I was asked to forget about the story I build in more than five years ,that is not satisfactory I became confused because I recalled pushing a lady beside me without knowing.

MAF: What has been the best compliment?
MUM: The best compliment is when I recite my poem on stage 2012 and people appreciated it.

MAF: What is the biggest surprise that you experienced after becoming a writer?
MUM: The biggest surprise so far experience after becoming a writer is the meeting of famous writers.

MAF: Are your characters based on real people or did they all come entirely from your imagination?
MUM: some characters are real while some come from imagination.

MAF: Could you tell us a bit about your most recent book and why it is a must-read?
MUM:My recent book is for a competition to me is must _read because it has a moral lesson to the society.

MAF: Have you thought about joining with another author to write a book?
MUM: Haven’t done that .

MAF: Any website or resources that have been helpful to you as a writer?
MUM: Reading Books and visiting educational website.

MAF: Of all the characters you have created, which is your favorite and why?
MUM: Najaatu is my favorite character. Because she respect her culture

MAF: Tell us a little about your plans for the future. Where do you see yourself as a writer in five years?
MUM: I see myself in five years as a famous writer all over the world.

MAF: What do your friends and family think of your writing?
MUM: Most of my friends don’t know about my writing and the few that knows some value some don’t but for my family they support and encourage me.

MAF: What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
MUM: My advice to them let them accept criticism from anyone,critics isn’t hate toward your work but make you better.

MAF: What do your fans mean to you?
MUM: My fans you mean alot to me without you I can’t go further.

MAF: If you could have been the author of any book ever written, which book would you choose?
MUM: Catch 22,The author really tried.

MAF: Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
MUM: The most famous writer I met to me is Ahamed yarima because seeing him is like seeing Wole Soyinka ( He is a student of Wole Soyinka) And in the north is Zaynab Alkali

MAF: What do you think about the ebook revolution?
MUM: _The eBook revolution is good because most people spend time on social media but I prefer books at hand.

MAF: Anything you would like to say to your readers and fans?
MUM: To my fans and readers thanks for choosing my works of fiction.

MAF: Who are your favorite writers?
Chenue Achebe
Zynab Alkali
William Shakespeare
Okot p’ Bitek
Mongo Beti
Amos Tutuola

MAF: Who is your role model?
MUM: Zainab Alkali

MAF: Who is your pillar of support?
MUM: My father comrade Umar Muhammad

MAF: What’s your favorite day of the week, favorite food, gift, song, book and quote?
MUM: My favorite day is friday
My favorite food is rice and stew
My favorite gift is anything fancy
My favorite song is meaningful traditional songs
My favorite quote “a day without conflict is pleasant but a book without conflict is boring.

MAF: How can your fans and readers discover more about you and your works?
MUM: My fans and readers can discover more about me and my works on IG Murjanat8667 ,Facebook Murjanatu umar and my group (My poems by murjanatu umar).

MAF: What would you say about Matan Arewa Forum?
MUM: I say a job weldone ,continue doing what you are doing ,we have a lot of Northern women that have talent and not known, It only Allah that can reward you,Thank you

MAF: Who is a Northern Nigerian woman by your own perception?
MUM: To my own perception Northern Nigeria women are those women with the zeal to support and encourage the Northern women.

MAF: How did you get to be so witty, funny, and good looking?
MUM:When you say witty it my nature nature and I got it from my father ,most of my father’s children are funny but for me I am funny while writing .I look good with natural product of the North and product from oriflame Sweden.

MAF: Is there anything else you would like to add that i haven’t included?
MUM: I only want to say thank you for giving me chance to talk to the world of matan Arewa, I am proud of you.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview.



By Zainab Malala

Technology has made a lot of things easier which has both positive and negative effect in our society today. Nobody can say there hasn’t been any benefit he/she has gotten from this technological advancement.

As it’s been said most things that have advantages also have disadvantages, which is why my today’s article will focus on ebooks especially northern novels written by our northern ladies.

As per what I have seen and read must novels when it comes to courtship and marriage it’s only focuses on the romantic aspect plus sex more than any other thing which is contrary to what’s happening in our real world.

Islam forbids any bodily contact with a non muharram in any way except in a very critical case which is unavoidable and understandable, but you will find out that must of this writers are actually doing the contrary especially during the courtship the guy will hold her tight in his arms, French kisses, they almost had sex all in the name of love and are both Muslims throughout the novel. Then after marriage the love they share will increase the more which is absolutely different from reality no much problem may arise due to the touching and romance during courtship.

Another thing is going into details pertaining the couple’s sex life, especially on the first night stuffs and subsequently refusing to skip some points backing that up as just a mere story which was meant for entertainment.

I know some writers may say it’s a means of showing some married women how to have a peaceful and romantic matrimonial home while some will say it’s just for fun and many more. But have you ever thought for a second about our younger generation, the teenagers with fresh mind and a lot of ambitions? Have you ever thought of how it will affect them? Have you ever thought as a writer how a teenager understand the message you are trying to pass across? Have you ever thought of the kind of psychological imagination they go through(that’s their up to most expectation). Whom later on when married sees a whole different version of what they read from your books(that’s when reality sets in).

Teenagers nowadays read books not only for entertainment but they also adapt what they read to their day to day activities. They will start thinking on how to live the kind of life they read in a certain book, more especially on the details mentioned on the sex part, the thought they will have will be that marriage is all about sex and nothing more and that’s their main expectation.

Yes I agree that you write for fun and because you have passion for it but still have you ever thought that whatever you do you shall give an account for it? Am not trying to condemn anybody’s write up but please remember that the percentage of young girls that read your novels are much higher than the percentage of the married women you are trying to pass the message across to. Try as much as possible to avoid going into details, if at all someone benefitted from your book another will definitely be harmed from it.

Your novels are meant to be motivational with positive morals meant for the society to learn and improve on their day to day activities. Please try to be real ambassadors in this aspect if at all you continue like this, the harm done will be more than the benefit gotten. At least what you write should at least reflect to what’s actually happening in reality. Always remember that whatever you do you shall give an account for it.

It’s just a piece of advise from a sister to another and I’ve said my mind.






By Zainab Malala.


Living in the north is not that easy for a woman though Islam made everything possible for her to be able to live a peaceful life without burden, with that still some women tend to over see all that and lower thier level so low that you tend to think if actually this is a woman that’s worth dignifying. You will start asking what am I trying to say from what I’ve mentioned, well what actually draw my attention was how some Musleem sisters stooped so low to greediness and lack of self esteem.


For the fact that a girl will be bred up from a highly responsible and respective family after all the Islamic teaching she had both from home and school but surprisingly she wouldn’t be contented with what she has at home, she’d rather ask for more from a so called boy friend. She will be like ” Bae there’s a wedding coming up soon I really need money for preparation”, ” Darling I need a new cell phone”, or ” Sweetheart am visiting a friend later can you come and pick me up when am done?”. My dear sister are you for real!! A man you barely know is the one you place too much demands on as if he’s your father, husband or a brother? Before you met him who did you ask all those from? Some ladies could barely have 3 square of meals a day at home but place such request just because they have no self esteem, no self limitation, they just want to live a life like others a life she ain’t born with, forgetting that even our fingers ain’t made equal.


As a lady you demand a lot from a man forgetting that not all men have clean hearts that they give without seeking for something in return you will be thinking its all out of love.


A lady goes saying that she is only going to date a rich man or a ready made guy so that she lives like a queen after marriage forgetting all the ups and downs in marriage which she heard a lot about from her family and friends.


Have you ever thought of a day this same guy will ask something from you in return as a token of what he has been doing to you?. Something you never expect from him. Have you ever thought that is not every person that gives a gift for the sake of Allah? What will then give back in return?What if you fought and he tells you to return all that he gave you?


It’s high time you wake up and know where you are heading to because the paying back of what he gave you won’t be an easy task if he actually asks it back. If lucky he ask for his money back and all that he gave you, if not that lucky the wicked ones go to the extent of asking for your virginity which you have been guarding for your rightful husband, which if you are not careful he goes to the extent of raping you, which he might have already planned for it from the beginning.


I will stop here for now leaving the floor for every reader that comes across this to think about what I’ve just said. Look forward for part II.



Neither Political Apathy Nor Political Enthusiasm



I don’t know if the saying ‘Politics has no relationship with morals’ is the reason behind the ridiculous attitude of our youths toward the upcoming 2019 election both on social medias and in real life. The risk we are taking is much more than the sacrifice our so called representatives our willing to make.

I want to believe the aim of the entire election is to select a leader that will represent the entire nation regardless of our religion, tribe, culture or financial status. I want to believe unity is essential in promoting our great country. Democracy must be built through open societies that share information. When there is information, there is enlightment, when there is debate, there are solutions. When there is no sharing of power, no rule of law, no accountability, there will be abuse, corruption, subjugation and indignation.

But sad enough this days all in the name of campaigning, we drop accusations, insults, criticism and lots more purposely to support our contestants. We fight like wolves either verbally, on social medias or physically as soon as an issue arises. We lay curses on our leaders which might be as relevant as ‘P’ in pneumonia to them but in one way or the other these curses turn out to only provoke them and make them worst.

I don’t know what politics entails, but I grew up hearing quotes like ‘Politics is a dirty game’, ‘Qarya/ iya saba alkawari Kaman dan siyasa’ along side with others. That alone gave me the impression that politics is a board issue and maybe a little bit high for my brain to comprehend.

Am not saying campaigning is a bad thing am only trying to make a point that doing it for the right person, peacefully without any violence, without making fuss or insulting each other might pay up at the end. Maybe if we could be a little bit careful with our words we might find our leaders a little bit better.

I will like to round this up with a quotation from an Indian actor Pawan Kalyan “History and social science were my interest. I was always interested in knowing how societies get organized, why there is rich and poor divide, why there are classes. I was never apolitical. I think we are all political in a way. Politics decides our day to day life”.






Barka da zuwa dandalin Matan Arewa, dandali da suka himmantu wajen zaƙulo haziƙai da zaƙakuran matan Arewa, wadanda ka iya zama haske a rayuwar wasu.

Ni Amiera S-Man da zan gabatar ina yi ma baƙuwarmu Ayshatu Adam Gimbiya barka da zuwa wannan dandali.

Aysha Adam Gimbiya matashiya ce, dake aiki a gidan radio na LIBERTY Radio.

MAF: Da farko zamu so mu ji sunanki da takaitaccen tarihinki.

AAG: Yauwa Ameera.

A takaice dai ni sunana, Aishatu Adam Gimbiya.

An haifeni a garin Kaduna, nayi makaranta na a garin Kaduna tun daga primary school har secondary school. Sannan nayi Computer school saboda ban sami gurbin karatu da wuri ba. Nayi islamiyya dukka a cikin garin Kaduna. Shine takaitaccen tarihina.

MAF: Yaushe kuma ta yaya kika fara aiki a gidan radio?

AAG: Gaskiya daman tun ina karama ina sha’awar aikin jarida saboda wadansu lokutan idan muna class,na kan dauki paper na kan ce ina karanta labarai dadai sauran abubuwan yan jaridu saboda na taso ina jin radio sasai.

Gaskiya da ya ke ina da rabon yin aikin hanyar sa bai bani wuya ba saboda na zauna a gurin (matar) mai Liberty. Kwatsam rana daya ba zan manta wannan ranar ba a rayuwata ba ina zaune a daki ta kirani ta ce min “GIMBIYA zaki fara zuwa Liberty koyan aiki” .

A take a gurin na fashe da kuka anam fa aka fara tambaya ta ko lafiya ? Nake kuka nace mata ba komai gani nake kamar a mafarki nake wallahi saboda lokaci daya Allah (SWT) ya cika min burina a rayuwa ta wallahi a takaice dai ranan ko bacci nakasa saboda murna kwana nayi ina sallah ina kara gode ma Allah.

MAF: Shin dama kina da burin kasancewa mai watsa shirye-shirye?

AAG: Gaskiya ina da shi sosai

MAF: Ya za ki danganta aikin mata da maza a gidajen radio?

AAG: Gaskiya a kwai bambamci sosai sosai saboda akwai abubuwan da yawa da mata ba za su iya yin shi a gidan radio ba sai dai maza misali :Aikin kwana, kinga ai matar aure ko budurwa bai kamata ta kwana a irin wadannan guraran ba gaskiya.

MAF: Wadanne ƙalubale kike fuskanta a matsayinki ta mace ma’aikaciyar radio?

AAG: Gaskiya na fuskanci kalubale da dama a gurin aiki sosai, musammam ta bangaran wadanda suka koyamin aiki dan gaskiya ba zan manta wata rana ba lokacin shine first time dina nayin live program mai suna INA MAFITA, muna cikin wanan shiri sai abokin aiki na ya kashe abin magana yana min fada hakanan ban san dalili ba. To da yake mai nema baya fushi bance mai komai ba sai na bashi hakuri dan gaskiya abin nan da ya min ban ji dadinsa ba shine farkon kalubalan da na fuskanta.

MAF: Aiki irin wannan ba ka rasa fans wato masoya, ta yaya kike tafiyar da masoyanki, masu son shirye-shiryenki?

AAG: Akwai su sosai ba kadan ba wallahi sai dai hakuri. Akwai abinda zance dan wallahi har ya kai bana iya magana a cikin taron mutant ko cikin abin hawa ne zan zauna zaki ga ana ga Aisha Gimbiya sai dai fa nayi shiru, har a bakin gate din office ana rubuta letter a bani saboda ana jin dadin shirye- shiryena.

MAF: Wadanne shirye-shirye kike gabatarwa a gidan radion liberty?

AAG: Ina gabatar da idon-gari, ina-mafita, gamzaki, kawayan tashar yanci( ladies night ) da dai sauran shirye-shirye.

MAF; Wanne ki ka fi so a cikinsu?

AAG: Gaskiya wanda na fi so shine maudu’i wanda zan fadi abunda yake faruwa cikin al’umma musamman iyaye mata na fi son wanna.

MAF: Ta yaya kike sarrafa harshenki wajen ganin kin jawo hankalin masu sauraro sun fahimci sakon da kike son isarwa?

AAG: Eh to! da yake ni mai yawan surutu ce gaskiya wasu lokutan ko a gida ne akan ce ina tsara magana kamar babba shi yasa. Amma gaskiya baiwace5 kawai Allah ya bani na iya magana koda a office ne ana fadin haka kuma ai kinga daman chan na sama raina yin abun shiyasa.

MAF: Wace gudunmuwa kike gani social media na badawa musamman ga gidajen watsa labarai?

AAG: Gaskiya koni kaina ina karuwa da kafar sadarwa na zamani sosai, misali ina ganin abunda ke faruwa a ciki, na cigaba na kan dauki yadda wasu ke mu’amular su a ciki inje inyi sharhi a ciki.

MAF: A matsayinki ta mace yar Arewa, ta ya za ki auna matan Arewa ada da kuma yanzu ta fuskar cigaba?


E to gaskiya yanzu akwai cigaba sosai a kan da, amma matsala daya ce ke damun mu shine har yanzu da yawa bamu waye ba , wayewan shine muna da ilimin amma bama amfani da shi yadda ya kamata.

MAF: Ya za ki danganta alfanun ilimin ya mace da na namiji?

AAG: kinsan ance ilimin Mace kogi ne shine kawai abinda zan iya cewa.

MAF: Wace irin gudummawa kike son bawa yan uwanki mata?

AAG: Mata mu ji tsoran Allah mu san me mu keyi a rayuwan mu, mune fa gatan alumma domin komai ya faru sai dai ku ji ana ai mata ne haba abu jiya iya yau to gaskiya ya kamata mu gyara halinmu mu san mai mukeyi a rayuwa.

MAF: Wace shawara gare ki ga matasa?

AAG: Matasa mu tashi mu nemi ilimi domin shine gishirin zaman duniya. In har kina da ilimi za a je dake ko ina a fadin duniya, kema kanki zaki samu daman fafatawa a rayuwa wajen ganin kin fadakar da yanuwa matasa ki nuna musu menene ilimi da amfaninsa.

MAF: Mi za ki ce game da yawaitar shaye-shaye musamman ga yaya mata?

AAG: Al’amarin shaye-shaye ya baci ga matasa maza da mata a wannan zamani da muke ciki, abun sai dai addu’a.

Idan aka kira kalman mace tamkar zinariya ce amma fa ga wadda ta amsa sunan ta macen, haba yan uwa na matasa meye amfanin shaye- shaye mutuna fa watara mu ma fa iyaye ne da muke burin mu haifa har mu auras to a tunaninmu da muna shaye- shaye wani namijin zai aure mu a haka wai har takama kike yi kina shaye – shaye muna gani kamar wayewa ce in dai irin wannan wayewar ce Allah ka karemu da ita.

MAF: A matsayinki ta mace kuma mai aiki a gidan radio, wane irin taimako za ki bayar wajen ganin kin dakile harkar fyade a Kasar nan, musamman ma a Arewa?

AAG: Abinda zance shine iyaye mata mu din ga lura da yaranmu mata da maza sosai mu dinga sa mu su ido, mu dinga kula da yanayin shgar da suke yi gaskiya.

MAF: Wane mutum da ke a mace ko a raye da kike da burin ki gan shi/ta kuma saboda mi?

AAG: gaskiya mijin aurena da yarana saboda kullum addu’a kar Allah ya kashe ni sai nayi aure naga kuma yarana.

MAF: A cikin mata wacece tauraruwarki, a maza waye tauraronki?

AAG: bani da zabi kowa nawa ne.

MAF: Wane abinci, abin sha, kyauta, sutura kika fi so?

AAG: Shinkafa da mai da yaji, zobo, Coca Cola.

Na fi son a bani kyautar iloka, gaskiya na fi sonta da komai.

Na fi son doguwar riga abaya da atamfa.

MAF: Mi yafi sanya ki farinciki? Mi yafi saurin baƙanta ma ki?

AAG: Na wayi gari naga kowa yana cikin farin ciki da walwala, inga masoyana.

Bana san karya

Bana son munafunci,kazafi, banyi abu ba a ce nayi ya kan sani kuka.

MAF:A karshe minene kike gani ya dace kiyi magana a kai wanda ba a tambaye ki ba?

AAG: Mu ji tsoran Allah muka san ce masu gaskiya da rokon amana da kyautatawa juna, mu kasance masu tarbiya da bin nagaba da mu, mu guji kawayan banza mu zama a bunda zaayi5 koyi da mu ko bayan bama raye.

MAF: Mi za ki ce game da Matan Arewa Forum?

AAG: Allah ya sa kufi haka cigaba ya kara maku lafiya da nisan kwana. Allah ya kare mana ku ya bar mu tare da ku..

Kuma a karshe in sha Allah nima zan dinga bada gudunmawa ta ga wannan kungiya mai albarka da fatan zaku shirya domin nima zan gayya ce ku zuwa program dina.

MAF: Anan za mu dasa aya, mun gode da kika bamu wannan don samun tattaunawa dake, da kuma aron lokacinki.


To bring inspiration and innovation to support young women in Arewa, regardless of race, ethnicity, income level or social status.